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56th  Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair


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The Fair in the Internet
All informations on the Verband Deutscher Antiquare, the Stuttgart fair, the fair catalogue, the highlights and the framework programme are available at → and → Relevant details and pictures in print quality for down-loading can also be found here.



From a Letter of Indulgence to Cut-Out Theatres – All Kinds of Bibliophilic Treasures


The Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair is the foremost showcase for rare books, manuscripts and prints in Germany. It is traditionally held on the last weekend of  January, and it is organised by the Verband  Deutscher Antiquare. 72 exhibitors, 16 of them from abroad, will be presenting first editions and autographs, incunabula and early printing, illuminated manuscripts, prints by old masters, important works of the humanities and natural history, travel and exploration, children’s books and beautifully illustrated books of every kind.

The fair is a fascinating cross section of what the rare book trade has to offer, from unique copies to hugely valuable objects, precious works from medieval times until the present.

The fair is the oldest and most important book fair in the German speaking part of the world. Exhibitors come from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

First time exhibitors are: Galerie Joy from Boppard, Peter Fritzen from Trier, Antiquariat Knöll from Lüneburg, Kunkel Fine Art from München and the Ukiyo-e Gallery from Sigmaringen. New international participants are Robert Frew, London, who specialises travel, maps, graphic arts and fine bindingsd, and L’Arengario Studio Bibliografico (Paolo and Bruno Tonini) from Gussago (Brescia) in Italy. They deal in avant-garde, modern architecture and artist’s books.

Date: The 56th Stuttgart Antiquarian Book Fair will be held from the 27th to the 29st January 2017 at the Württembergische Kunstverein, Schlossplatz.

Opening times are: Friday, 27th January: 11am to 7.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday, 28th and 29th, 11 am to 6 pm.

Admission is € 5.--, children under 12 are free. This is a combination ticket, which also entitles the holder to free entry of the Ludwigsburg fair.

There will be guided tours, especially for children, which will introduce the participants to highlights of the fair.

The fair catalogue can be ordered from the Verband Deutscher Antiquare for € 10.--. It is also available online (→ . Here you will also find further informations and pictures (in print quality) to down-load.

We would also like to draw your attention to the 2016/2017 edition of the handbook of the Verband Deutscher Antiquare. This contains the addresses of all antiquarian booksellers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland that are members of the ILAB.



There is something for every taste, interest and, indeed, purse, to be found at the fair: children’s books, important works of literature, perhaps even signed editions, books on travel and geography, artist’s and illustrated books, prints or maps.
From several hundred objects, we have selected a few representative pieces, to be understood as pars pro toto.

The first-time exhibitors will be bringing an interesting selection of unusual objects to this year’s fair. Robert Frew, London, will be showing a collection of large photographs of Venice, taken ca. 1850 by Giuseppe Cimetta (€ 5500,--). Peter Fritzen from Trier, has a woodcut letter of indulgence (the proceeds to be used in fighting the Turcs) printed in 1482 in Munich, probably the only one of its kind. L’Argenario Studio Bibliographico from Brecia has taken »in square form« as its motto for its fair catalogue entry. At the Ukiyo-e-Gallery you can find Japanese coloured woodcuts from € 150,-- to € 2200,--, while Kunkel Fine Arts specialises in European drawings from the 19th and 20th century. One of their highlights is a drawing by Anselm Feuerbach »Lesbia with a bird«, made in Italy in 1866 (€ 55 000,--). Chamisso and Kotzebue’s travel account to the Bering Straits and the South Seas can be had at the Galerie Joy’s stand for € 7800.--, while Norbert Knöll from Lüneburg will be offering a fine selection of signed first editions.

Martin Luther, the Reformation, and a Biblia Pauperum
500 years ago, in 1517, Martin Luther nailed his famous theses against indulgences to the church door in Wittemberg. In 1518 a collection of his most important teachings and a summary of the theses were printed in Basle, and can now be had at the stand of the Stuttgarter Antiquariat for € 16 000,--.
As usual, Heribert Tenschert / Bibermühle, has the fair’s most expensive object in his showcase: One of three known copies in private collections, of the »Biblia Pauperum«. It was an international undertaking: The wood blocks were made in the Netherlands, the paper comes from Italy, printing was done in Southern Germany (Nördlingen or Nuremberg) in 1464/65. Finally, the profusely gilt-stamped maroquin binding was added in 1820 in England. This exceptional book is offered at € 1 850 000.--.

Music and the Very First Opera
The earliest known print of the Christmas carol »Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht« (Silent night, holy night), of which only two copies are known, is on offer for € 38 000,-- at the stand of Antiquariat Löcker, Vienna.
There are several more musical rara, the most interesting being, perhaps, the very first libretto ever printed for an opera, »La Dafne« by Ottavio Rinuccini ca 1600. (Voerster, € 7000,--).

Natural History and Travel books
Books on natural history have always been of great interest for collectors, especially if they are illustrated with coloured prints. Naumann’s »Naturgeschichte der Vögel Deutschlands« is a case in point. It was published in Stuttgart from 1822–1860. A copy with the sumptuous colour plates on strong paper and in four boxes, together with the 13 text volumes, will be shown at Antiquariat Neidhardt’s stand (€ 28 000,--).
In the same period, William Swainson’s »Zoological Illustrations«, showing birds, butterflies and shells from South America, were printed in London, in the then revolutionary new lithographic method. (Tresor am Römer, € 11 000.--).

Early and Unusual Photography

For the last several years, early photography has become highly collectable and sought-after. The Antiquariat Kainbacher from Vienna will be bringing several albums of early travel photography, amongst them Salzmann’s salted paper prints of photographs of Jerusalem, taken ca 1850, and over 150 original photos of Zimbabwe and Fort Salisbury, made ca 1890, and priced at € 40 000,--.
An interesting cross section of Vienna’s population are the 58 original photographs collected in an album made for Archduke Rainer on occasion of his golden wedding celebrations. They show portraits of simple working people up to the highest ministers of state. (Truppe, € 8500,--).

Judging a Book by its Cover
Beautiful bindings by famous binders are highly sought after. Büchl-Baur from Winnenden offers a magnificent coat-of-arms binding by the Parisian binder Gruel. It contains a rare wood cut copy of Giovanni Boccacio, some 300 years older than the binding.
Walter Gerlach bound a copy of Rilke’s »Neuen Gedichte« for himself in wonderful polished green calf with evocative art deco gilding. (Tusculum Rare Books, € 6900,--).

For Children of All Ages
Geisenheyner from Münster is specialised on children’s books, One of his highlights this year is a colour lithographed doll’s house from the 1880ies. It can be opened to show a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. The good condition of the coloured figurines and furniture argue that it was not much played with (€ 3400,--). This also goes for several paper theatres shown by Haufe und Lutz.
There are several more dealers offering children’s books, among them Sabine Keune, who has Warren Chappel’s »They Say Stories«, together with sketches and hand-written text by the artist for € 640,--.

Printed ephemera is always interesting, because of its fragile and, well, ephemeral, nature. Manfred Nosbüsch has a large collection of folded circus posters and flyers, printed in 1877 for the Circus Renz in Munich, for sale at € 4000,--.
An exceptional and probably complete collection of over 1700 play bills of the Munich »Königliches Hof- und Nationaltheater« is on offer at Rainer Schlicht’s stand for € 60 000.--.


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