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Photographs of Egypt – An album, in folio (c. 415 x 305 mm), contemporary black half calf (carefully repaired on spine), containing 42 albumen prints of Egypt, by Lekegian & Co and others. c. 1890, size photos about 210 x 270 mm, mounted on stiff boards. A very nice travel album, most photographs with inventory number and text, generally in good condition (a few partly faded), including views of the Egyptian pyramids and monuments, views from Cairo, the Nile, scenes with Egyptians and related scenes of life, some unusual.

Preis: 1600,- EUR


Photographs of Egypt – An album, oblong in folio (c. 285 x 400 mm), bound in black half calf, with corners, containing 87 albumen prints of Egypt, mounted on stiff boards, c. 1890–1900, size photos mostly 215 x 275 mm; most photographs with inventory number and typed caption label, text at bottom (some faded, a few with minor damages to corners). A nice travel album with photographs of landscapes, street and city scenes, monuments; the Nile, Alger, Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Suez a. o. Some of the photographers/studios are: Artistique G. Lekegian & Co, S. Hakim, Schröder & Cie, Zürich, J. B. Sebah, Bonfils, Garrigues, Tunis.

Preis: 1800,- EUR


Versehung von Leib, Seele, Ehre und Gut. Augsburg, Johann Schönsperger, 1493. Small 4to, 17th cent. vellum with yapp edges, manuscript title at spine, a genuine, well preserved copy with early manuscript annotations (shaved) in the margins of approximately 14 pages and other early annotations on title, and on blank lower margin of final leaf; later annotation on flyleaf. Bookplate. Gothic type, 27 lines and head-line, 159 leaves (of 160, without final blank), with a full-page woodcut illustration in contemporary hand-colour on verso of title-page, hand-coloured 8-line decorative initial on a2.
Third edition of this popular fifteenth century medical compendium (first published in Nuremberg in 1489), largely derived from Orlof von Baierland’s Arzneibuch, the earliest of such manuals written in German. It provides instructions for the care of patients, bloodletting and astrology, symptoms of impending death and how to prepare for it. The woodcut, also used in Schobser’s 1490 edition of this text, depicts a dying man whose soul is being claimed by an angel, a monk and two women on either side of his bedside. ISTC iv00237000; BMC II 368; Goff V237; Hain 16021=16091; GW M50192.

Preis: 18000,- EUR


Manuscript – Wasserthal, Anton. Sammlung auserlesener Gebether. zum Gebrauche der Mademoiselle Josephe von Hodaczek. 1778. Geschrieben von Ihrem Freunde und Diener Anton Wasserthal. 8vo (175 x 110 mm), manuscript on paper, in german language, in a handsome contemporary brown calf binding richly gilt on boards and spine, with golden edges; this elegant manuscript, finely written in a fine gothic script, is well illustrated with 16 finely executed drawings by a very good calligrapher, 2 of them are drawn „à trompe-l’oeil“; pp. [2], 174, [2]. Bookplate Alfred Muranyi Roho.

Preis: 2000,- EUR


Columella, (Lucius Junius Moderatus) and Rutilius Taurus Palladius. Das ackerwerck … zweyer hocherfarner Roemer haltet inn allen veldbaw von getreyd vein fruechten item den viechzug und artznei wider eyns yeden thiers kranckheyten (translated by Michael Herr). Strasbourg, Wendelin Rihel, 1538. Folio, contemporary half blind-stamped pigskin on wooden boards, metal clasps and catches on boards, small repair at head of spine, title soiled, some light waterstain (mostly marginal) at the beginning, light foxing, but generally a genuine copy in good condition. Gothic type, woodcut printer’s device to verso of final leaf, ff. (6), CCXVI.
First edition quite rare, of the German translation of these famous agricultural texts. Not in Adams; VD 16 C-4621; Schweiger I, 292. – Siehe Abbildung rechts.

Preis: 2500,- EUR


LICHTENBERGER, JOHANNES (fl.1488-1503) Prognosticatio. Strasbourg: [Bartholomaeus Kistler, after] 31 Dec. 1499.
4to (195 x 134 mm). Late 19th-century binding in half vellum, with corners, title in gold at spine (title repaired at margins, the 2nd leaf at upper corner, some other leaves washed and with marginal repairs, the print occasionally fading a bit). Provenance: 20th-century bookplate GvR. Collation: A-H8.4 (A1r title with woodcut, woodcut on verso, A2r preface, A3v text, H3v colophon dated 31 dec. 1499, H4r woodcut, verso blank), altogether 48 not numb. leaves, gothic type on single column, 37 lines, text widely illustrated with 45 woodcuts, woodcut border pieces, historiated initial, initial spaces with guide-letter. Lichtenberger, astrologer at the court of Emperor Friedrich III, was considered by a near-contemporary 'as a miracle of nature, a man not inferior to Ptolemy, and by many regarded a a prophet' (Thorndike IV, p.474). He based his predictions largely on the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in 1484, of Mars and Saturn also in Scorpio in 1485, and on a solar eclipse in the same year. His predictions concern the pope and church; the emperor, empire and nearby states; private life, and extend up to 1567. The work was immensely popular and, despite numerous 15th-century editions in both Latin and German, rarely appears on the market. The extensive series of woodcuts derives from earlier German editions; the first depicts figures who have received divine inspiration: Ptolomy, Aristotle, a Cumaean sibyl, St. Bridget, and Reinhard the Lollard. H/C *10084; BMC I, 165; BSB-Ink L-165; Klebs 606.10; Schreiber 4501; Schäfer 210; Davies Murray German 240; Goff L-206

Preis: 5500,- EUR


ALEXANDER Von BERNUS (Alchemist, 1880-1965) Hermetisches A.B.C. derer ächten Weisen alter und neuer Zeiten vom Stein der Weisen. Berlin, Barsdorf, 1915.
4 volumes in 8vo (200 x 143 mm), in contemporary red half cloth, with boards covered with marbled paper; pp. [8], 318, [1]; [2], 348; [2], 299, [1]; 325, [1], COMPLETELY POSTILLATED during different times, with notes in black, bleu, red ink and in pencil, and with many inserted manuscript leaves. This edition is the facsimile reprint (copy n. 507) of the Ringmacher edition of 1778-79 in 4 volumes, completely annotated by the alchemist and scientist Alexander von Bernus (1880-1965), friend of Karl Wolfskehl, Stefan Zweig, Frank Wedekind, Rainer Maria Rilke, Thomas Mann, Hermann Hesse, Joachim Lutz, and Stefan George; von Bernus also experimented with the ancient alchemy recipes for the production of spagyric medicines. Among the notes we read: “Vergleicht man ein Laboratorium des Mittelalters mit einem solchen von heute, dann offenbart sich uns der ungeheure Fortschritt, welcher die moderne Chemie zu verzeichnen hat. Eines ihrer Hauptziele ist, ein Elixier zu finden, welches den Menschen praktisch unsterblich macht”. A very interesting ensemble, unpublished, deserving a careful study.

Preis: 2000,- EUR


(Portrait of) Hayreddin Barbarossa (Arabic: Khayr ad-Din Barbarus خير الدين بربروس) “SOLTAN / CHARADI(N) / DITTO / BARBA/ROSSA / RE DALGE/RI” (Circa 1520-30, but printed in the 19th cent.).
Woodcut on paper, mm. 351 x 253, printed in the 19th cent. on early paper (with watermark similar to an half moon) from a block dated to the first half of 16th cent., probably then belonged to the Soliani italian family of printers in Modena, that had a large collection of early blocks. In the lower right corner there is a monogram ‘LA’ lately cut on the block perhaps to forge its authorship, giving it to Luca Antonio degli Uberti (fl. 1503-1557), see Clelia Alberici in ‘Achille Bertarelli, Stampe popolari italiane’, Milan 1974. Still, a very rare print, and in very good condition. Mounted in passepartout. Hayreddin Barbarossa (Arabic: Khayr ad-Din Barbarus خير الدين بربروس), (Latin: Ariadenus Barbarussa), or Barbarossa Hayreddin Pasha (Turkish: Barbaros Hayreddin (Hayrettin) Paşa or Hızır Hayreddin (Hayrettin) Paşa; also Hızır Reis before being promoted to the rank of Pasha and becoming the Kapudan Pasha), born Khizr or Khidr (Turkish: Hızır; c. 1478 – 4 July 1546), was an Ottoman admiral of the fleet who was born on the island of Lesbos and died in Constantinople, the Ottoman capital. Barbarossa's naval victories secured Ottoman dominance over the Mediterranean during the mid-16th century, from the Battle of Preveza in 1538 until the Battle of Lepanto in 1571. Hayreddin (Arabic: Khayr ad-Din خيرالدين, which literally means "goodness" or "best of the religion" of Islam) was an honorary name given to him by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. He became known as "Barbarossa" ("Redbeard" in Italian) in Europe, a name he inherited from his elder brother Oruç Reis after he was killed in a battle with the Spanish in Algeria. Oruç was also known as "Baba Oruç", which sounded like "Barbarossa" (Italian for "Redbeard") to the Europeans, and since Oruç did have a red beard, the nickname stuck. In a process of linguistic reborrowing, the nickname then stuck back to Hayreddin's native Turkish name, in the form Barbaros. For a wide description of his life and his military/political career, see

Preis: 1500,- EUR



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