Besler, Basilius. Hortus Eystettensis sive diligens et accurata omnium plantarum quae in viridariis arcem episcopalem ibidem cingentibus conspiciebantur delineatio … 1713 [Eichstätt, Strauss, 1713-ca. 1750]. 2 large volumes, Imperial folio. 536 x 430 mm. Luxurious collector’s binding, in antique style, full decorated and marbled brown leather, gold borders on the covers, gold emblem in the middle that incorporates the arms of the Prince-Bishop of Eichstätt, gold ornaments on the spines. First volume, Spring: 1 engraved Title-page, 1 leaf with dedication, 138 plates for a total of 146 sheets, with 134 engraved and watercolored plates. Second Volume, Summer, Autumn, Winter: 264 plates, with 233 engraved and watercolored plates. A total of 367 watercolored plates.
Very rare third edition. One of the most impressive and magnificent flower books, with over 1000 illustrations reproducing flowers of almost 700 species. The work aims to magnify the famous garden of the Prince-Bishop of Eichstätt, Johann Conrad von Gemmingen, and is one of the first pictorial recordings of flowers from a single garden. Von Gemmingen had spent a fortune buying new exotic species from the merchants of Amsterdam, Antwerp and Brussels, and had constituted an exceptional botanical collection that included common wildflowers as well as the exotic flowers, cultivated with care and with great difficulty. – Robert de Belder: „The ‚Hortus Eystettensis‘ is without doubt one of the greatest flower books ever produced in any country“. Hunt: „Splendid in its array of large drawings, magnificent as a record of the plants in a German garden at the beginning of the 17th century“.
Nissen BBI 158; Pritzel 745; Stafleu TL2 497; Robert de Belder 23; Hunt 430. See also Nicolas Barker, „Hortus Eystettensis: The Bishop’s Garden and Besler’s Magnificent Book“ (London, 1995). – Copy like the one collated by Pritzel, identical to that of the ETH Zürich published on-line on the site:

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